Meet the Photographer


Thank you so much for stopping by my site!  My name is Jeannette and I am married with two beautiful children. I have been a professional photographer for the past 5 years.  I'm often asked why I'm a photographer, and the reason is simple.  I think everybody deserves to have beautiful pictures of themselves, and I love being able to give that to people!  We all have a ton of camera pictures and selfies, but how many of us have truly captivating images that make us feel happy and beautiful?  Those are the images I want to create for my clients.  Every session is completely customized - from the progessional makeup artists and style advice, to finding the perfect location, to your private photo viewing.  I make sure that every detail is just right so that you enjoy your photo shoot experience and leave feeling confident that you were captured at your very best!

I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you capture beautiful images of yourself - feel free to call or text me at (951) 219-7676